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Your go-to sweet treat says a lot about you, Taurus...
Posted by Devin Bullock on March 4, 2016
Chocolate: You’re very sensual, mysterious, and have high expectations.
Sugary candy: You’re young at heart and easy to please.
Sour candy: You’re a bit eccentric and very charming.
Fresh fruit: You’re – you guessed it – healthy, balanced, and grounded.
Dried fruit: You’re simple, uncomplicated, busy, and active.
Nutrition bar: You are energetic, focused, and driven.
Baked goods like cake and cookies: You’re a bit old-fashioned, kind, and compassionate.
Ice cream/sorbet/yogurt: You love to see and be seen, always up for adventure.
You don’t like sweets: No way, are you sure you’re a Taurus!?
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