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What it means to be a Cardinal sign like you, Libra...
Posted by Justin Scalia on March 18, 2016
Like a bird, you – a Cardinal Sign like Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn – represent seasonal changes. You are probably affected by the changes of seasons more than most, and that’s because you are so in tune with the Earth and its climate. You’re a genuine life force!

Cardinal signs are ambitious, creative, artistic, expressive, lively, and dynamic. While they prefer to have some sort of predictability in their lives, they detest feeling in a rut. You’re ahead of the curve with the latest trends, but you might not be the first to get into them.

To challenge yourself, try to mix up your daily routine a bit more often. Take a new route to work, wear something that isn’t “you”, befriend outside your usual circle. Changes need not only happen at the turn of a new calendar time period. Let your vitality glow, inside and out.
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