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Think you’re a true Gemini? Maybe not!
Posted by Tamas Hyde on March 18, 2016
As a Gemini, no doubt you are proud of your sign The Twins. Why shouldn’t you be? We have it all, and more! But... are you 100% true to your sign? You might be surprised! Here are the telling differences...

True Gemini: Keep options open, tries lots of new experiences.
Not so Gemini: Stays in one place (hometown), job (or same company), has had the same close friends for years.

True Gemini: Can talk to anyone, anytime, in any setting.
Not so Gemini: Public speaking, dates, a party where you don’t know anyone make you uneasy.

True Gemini: Prefer a busy, social, noisy, fast atmosphere.
Not so Gemini: Prefer a quiet, calm, natural setting where you can be alone.
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