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Scorpio's drinking facts you should know about…
Posted by Lola Stinger on March 2, 2016
Let's face it, Scorpios are known for their drinking habits. It is a fact that Scorpios are most likely to indulge in (gulp) drinking alcohol more than any other sign. But, our drinking habits are not all negative.

Here's how Scorpios behave having a few drinks (tell me if you agree).

• If you want a Scorpio to share their opinions about something, give them two shots of tequila and watch them unfold.
• But, unlike your Gemini and Sagittarius friends, we can actually keep a secret, yes, even after a few glasses of wine.
• All Scorpios have a tendency to hide our emotions so you don't need to worry about us getting too drunk and crying in the middle of the bar, like a Pisces or Cancer would do. Ha!
• We can have volatile emotions from time to time, so if we are upset at someone, it's best to not drink around them, as our famous temper could come out to hunt us and get us in trouble. Happy drinking = happy social life!
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