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Are you a Pisces woman? Your (real) fated soul mate sign is…
Posted by Dalia Fisher on March 1, 2016
Are you one of those Pisces obsessed with love compatibility? If you check your compatibility every time you start dating someone, well, let me tell you, you might be getting the wrong story…. Yikes!

As a Pisces woman who adores reading about love and an avid astrology reader, I found The Astrology File, a study made by Gunter Sachs. Based in fact and not fiction, this study demonstrates scientific proof that Pisces women and Capricorn men tend to stay married more than most other sign combos.

Pretty crazy considering some love compatibility sites affirm that "The absence of materialism characteristic of the Pisces irritates the Capricorn…" and also that Water and Earth are like land and sea: "Imagine these forces in perpetual battle; think of mighty waves, crashing against rocks."

True story, Pisces!
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