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Crab, your inner sign could bring you joy…
Posted by Mary Clawford on March 3, 2016
Who would of thought? A Cancer showing signs of being a Capricorn? Yes, that's very right! A Capricorn personality can be such an opposite to ours, that's the whole point!

Capricorn is Cancer's opposite sign in the Zodiac chart, which means that we can find a lot of fulfillment by adopting the strengths of this sign, like discipline and self-control.

Just like us, Cappies are very traditional, family-oriented people who know how to roll up their sleeves and get any job done. But, unlike us, they are not as emotional or sensitive (at least they don't show it).

We can actually learn a lot about the right way to interact with others by tapping into Capricorn's subdued and more controlled way of expression. Let's try it, Crab!
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