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This common skin condition can reveal secrets about you!
Posted by Tamas Hyde on March 4, 2016
Most of us have moles on our skin, aka large freckles. According to the ancient Greeks, these can actually reveal a lot about you! So, let’s cover the most common facial locations of moles and what those mean. If you want me to explore the topic further, let me know!

Left cheek: Learning and studying. Serious.
Right cheek: Successful and charismatic.
Nose: Sensual, indulgent, a great friend.
Ear: Famous, rebellious, stands out from the crowd. Possibly wealthy.
Lip (and area surrounding the lip): Generous with self and others. Kind.
Forehead: Prone to mood swings.
Chin: Thoughtful, artistic, creative, optimistic.
Eyelid/area around eye: Lucky in love and marriage. Honest, loving, and determined.
All over the face: Can overcome any struggle. Very strong character.

I can’t leave out that if you have a mole that has changed a lot or raises any real concerns, be sure to have it checked out by a dermatologist!
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