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Are you living up to your sign's claim to fame, Scorpio?
Posted by Lola Stinger on February 22, 2016
I am going to say it one more time, Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign in the Zodiac. From cheaters to temperamental partners and backstabbers, we carry a pretty bad reputation on our shoulders.

We are so deep and intense, qualities most peeps just don't get. It really helps to remember what we really should be known for.

• We are determined and go for what we want. Scorpio's determination is unbreakable and contagious.
We love with intense passion. When we open our hearts we do it all the way. No one can deny that.
• We are the most loyal partners and friends, and we expect the same back. Yes, we are jealous, but we come from a real place.
• When it comes to sex, we have more fun than anybody else.
• We don't waste our time on pointless connections. When we bed someone, we take them to the Moon and back, and that, is our biggest claim of fame!
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