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Luscious, Leo's signature style…
Posted by Liona Shiner on February 25, 2016
Bold and energetic, Leo women like to shine and be noticed. Some people call us self-center, but, what's so wrong about wanting to shine? Absolutely nothing!

Bright colors, shiny purses and big jewelry are part of the wardrobe of any Leo woman. The secret is not wearing them all at once, right?!

Charlize Theron is the epitome of a bold Leo woman. She is the living proof that it is totally fine to fully dress in gold; of course, for the right occasion.

When we're going on a date or are attending a party, shades of red, dark orange, bright yellow and gold will make us look sexy.

If we are attending a work event or need to look more serious, light yellow and beige with big gold jewelry or accessories will give us confidence.
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