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Pisces knows no boundaries when it comes to inspiration…
Posted by Dalia Fisher on February 26, 2016
While other signs like Scorpio and Leo are highly creative, Pisces is with no doubt the most creatively inspiring sign.

As Fish, our Water-Neptune rulership makes us mutable, free from any containing walls and helps us go with the flow. All this is a source of sensitivity and inspiration.

From incredible musicians like Seal and Kurt Cobain to artists like Victor Hugo and Tom Wolfe and leaders like Steve Jobs, Pisces inspires in creative, imaginative and expressive arts.

If you haven't tried your hand or mind at any creative pursuits, I highly recommend doing it. You don't have to live from your art to call yourself an artist. All you need to do is let your juices flow to realize you were born to make art.
Your Sign Rocks
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