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You will never get another date with a Scorpio if…
Posted by Lola Stinger on February 26, 2016
I will admit it. Scorpios are very mysterious and are one of the trickiest signs to get to know; especially if you met recently. If you just started dating a Scorpio, you will never get another date if…

You seem distracted. Being on your phone or not paying attention is probably the easiest way to piss off a Scorpio.
Don't dress to impress. Scorpios want you to make an effort to look good for them, as they will do the same for you.
Don't have a plan B. If the restaurant messed up your reservation, showing your Scorpio you are as sharp as them will get you far. Trust me!
Stare at other people. Scorpios hate infidelity more than any other sign and will not put up with you looking at the cute gal or dude passing by.
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