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This make-at-home potion brings Virgos luck in love!
Posted by Tristan Styles on February 19, 2016
So, a friend taught me how to make a “magic potion” that she says will bring more love into my recently very lonely life. I thought, sure, I’ll try anything at this point! And why not share this semi-crazy idea with you, too. I hope you will join me and then let me know if it helps you...

For the potion, bring a pot of water to a slow simmer (do not bring all the way to a boil), then add:
- One drop of your favorite scent in liquid form (perfume, essential oil, even a favorite flavor as long as it’s liquid, like vanilla extract).
- A small handful of petals and/or leaves of your favorite flower, plant, or tree.
- A piece of your favorite candy, chocolate, or other sweet treat (yeah, I said it’s a little odd!).
- And now for the weirdest part... you need to either cry or spit, cuz you need to add tears or saliva. I know, I know...
- Mix it all up, let it cool all the way down, and then use it to water a patch of ground outside your home... this is most likely going to be the grass. Please do not pour it anywhere it will make a mess or kill a plant!

Hey, like I said, worth a try, right? We can all blame my friend (she’s a Pisces) if it doesn’t work!
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