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This love spell can improve your love life, Gemini!
Posted by Tamas Hyde on February 26, 2016
We all have regrets in love. But what if you could turn those mistakes from your past into a way to have a better love life now and in the future? Well, you can, and it’s easy.

1. Gather one or both of the following: mementos from a relationship that turned toxic (like old letters, ticket stubs, etc.) and/or small pieces of blank paper and a pen.
2. Hold each memento in your hand and say aloud “Bad love, be gone!” and then place it in a container. If you don’t have mementos or are taking the other option, write down one bad love memory on at least 10 pieces of paper (examples: a terrible ex’s name, an annoying behavior, a date that makes you sad, like your first kiss, etc.). Fold them up and as you toss each one into the container, say, “Bad love, be gone!”
3. Destroy the contents of the container... burn them, flush them down the toilet if the paper disintegrates, throw them into a lake or ocean – anything that gets them out of your possession for good.
4. Smile and promise yourself that a wonderful, healthy, happy love will come to you soon.
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