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Opening your mind to meditation through music…
Posted by Dalia Fisher on January 13, 2017
Pisces is the most musical and spiritual sign. We are always searching for ways to open our channels and absorb the energy from nature and the Universe.

Listening to specific sounds can certainly help us facilitate this. Here are some albums for you:

Pisces 2015: Music of the Zodiac by Zodiac Tribe
Sea Sounds Collection by Ocean Sounds Collection
Dreamwaver by Medwyn Goodall
Blue Infinity by Ishq
Libertas by Adrian von Ziegler
Cosmic Mantra (Reincarnation) by The Bhaktas
Potala Mousse by Kaan Luum
Relax with Gentle Sleep Music by RELAX
Nature Sounds by Massage Tribe
Radiance & Submission by CFCF
Planet by Kanae Nozawa
Wellness Meditation Relaxation: Musical Images by Sambodhi Prem
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