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How your Chinese Zodiac affects your Virgo Sun Sign...
Posted by Tristan Styles on March 4, 2016
The Year of the Fire Monkey is going to be a wild, fun ride for Virgos! But before you read your forecast, it’s helpful to understand how your Sun and Chinese signs mesh...

Virgo & Rat: Grounded Strength. Wise and modest, you have an impeccable work ethic.
Virgo & Ox: Resilient Warrior. Rarely discouraged, you are determined and confident.
Virgo & Tiger: Best Friend. You radiate a positive warmth that people just love to be around.
Virgo & Rabbit: The Good Guy/Gal. Your upstanding morals and careful approach earn you great respect.
Virgo & Dragon: Cool Critic. You have an eye for things others don’t see, but a tactful way to point them out.
Virgo & Snake: Calm Onlooker. You likely study life incognito, learning much without giving yourself away.
Virgo & Horse: Hard-working Elite. Power and prestige are likely for you, and you’re willing to work for it.
Virgo & Goat/Sheep: Eccentric Outlier. You don’t quite fit either one of these traditional sign’s profiles. You’re a true original.
Virgo & Monkey: Clever Con Artist. You mean well, but might use your influence and intelligence for questionable aims.
Virgo & Rooster: Lovely Loner. You’re fiercely independent but highly sought-after.
Virgo & Dog: Sweet and Salty. Often moody, your heart is a good as gold.
Virgo & Pig: Angelic Being. Could you be more virtuous? You sure do try!

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