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When life gets tough, try this to stay positive...
Posted by Amalie Stubbs on February 5, 2016
Not sure about you, but life hasn’t been so easy for me lately. Through my recent struggles, I have found a few things that I think can help all us usually super-strong Capricorns from becoming too frustrated or hopeless. Try these and let me know how you’re doing, too!

1. Get out of the house and into nature. Whether it’s simply a walk around the neighborhood, a hike in a park, or a road trip down a scenic highway, don’t stay couped up at home. If you need to rest because of a health issue, looking at travel magazines, planning a future vacation, or watching nature documentaries can be a decent substitute.
2. Get together with friends who understand and can give unconditional support AND make you smile. Having fun is so important. So, go out for drinks, get pampered at a spa, go shopping, play a round of golf, have a game night. Laugh off some of your stress.
3. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and it’s OK to feel sad. Crying and releasing some of your inner pain is healthy. Let it out however you need to, they pull it together with renewed hope. Take care, Cappies!
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