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Need the best solution? Talk to a Libra!
Posted by Justin Scalia on February 5, 2016
No sign even comes close to Libra for giving great advice. We listen carefully, learn a lot from our own and others’ experiences, and are fascinated by the human psyche and demand justice. So, we know what’s best.

We have just the right mix of compassion, knowledge, honesty, and tact to advise others on just about everything, from relationship issues to business matters to social issues. But there is one area where we struggle...

Taking our own advice! While we are strong advocates for others’ needs, sometimes we can neglect our own or put our self-interests second, third... you get the picture. So, pay attention to the advice you dispense and make sure your own best practices are put into your own daily life. You’re smart and should benefit from that!
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