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Leo's beautifying fruit is nothing but yummy…
Posted by Liona Shiner on February 4, 2016
Ruled by the Sun, Leo can find health benefits in all yellow fruits and vegetables. But my favorite happens to be the most wanted fruit in the world: Mango!

This tropical deliciousness has so many health benefits that it's almost hard to believe. Mango contains vitamin A, C, B6, fiber, copper, potassium and magnesium.

It also prevents blindness, diabetes, many different types of cancer and lowers cholesterol. It improves digestion, boosts the immune system, helps clear the skin and it's good for your sex life.

When it's in season, eat it by itself, with yogurt or add it to your salads. To prepare for the mango off-season, save a good amount in your freezer to make smoothies. Dried mangoes are also a good snack to carry with you at all-times.
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