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Touchy subjects that Geminis hate to even think about...
Posted by Tamas Hyde on February 5, 2016
Geminis can have a calm, cool, somewhat detached exterior, keeping their deepest emotions to themselves. So, if you touch a nerve, you may not even know it – at least not in an obvious, immediate way.

Sometimes a Gemini doesn’t even know something has hit a sore spot until they’ve had time to reflect on it. Here are some things that can really rub a Gemini the wrong way...

1. When we feel we have been misunderstood in a negative way. We care what others think of us more than we like to admit.
2. Being called stupid. You don’t actually need to use the word “stupid” or any of those descriptors, but if you make us feel like you think we are incompetent, that cuts deep.
3. Interrupting us in a rude/abrupt way. That tells us that you think what we say isn’t important... don’t expect us to talk to you voluntarily any more after that!
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