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Crab, shift the Moon's energy to your benefit…
Posted by Mary Clawford on December 16, 2016
As Moonchildren, Crabs are known for being like the tide, moody. But we can learn how to shift this energy and power to our advantage.

Whenever you're feeling off, sit under the moonlight and mediate, linking your feelings and wishes to the Moon phases and the energy they create.

• The New Moon brings hope and faith in new beginnings. Ideal for starting a new project, relationship or new job.
• The Waxing Moon can bring success, growth and accomplishment to a creative endeavor. It also holds the power of positive transformation.
• The Full Moon brings us abundance, wish-fulfillment and drives us to manifest our deepest life dreams and sexual desires.
• The Waning Moon can help us let go of feelings, patterns and connections that no longer serve us. This phase is ideal for cleansing and ending relationships.
• Invisible against the backdrop of the Sun in the sky, the Dark Moon opens a portal into the unknown. Its power heightens fortune telling and divination skills and can be a bridge to contact spirits.
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