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The pros and cons of dating another Crab…
Posted by Mary Clawford on January 9, 2017
Cancer natives are lucky; we are one of the signs that can double-it-up in the love compatibility department. Unlike Scorpios, two Crabs can really build a strong relationship that will actually last. But of course, there will be challenges. Here are the 3 main pros and cons:

• Two Crabs run on the same wave-length and will read each other's minds.
• Talk about a cozy nest. Two Crabs will build a beautiful home with a fully-stocked kitchen and eclectic art.
Success: It's no secret Cancer natives love money and security and will push each other to follow their dreams.

Full Moon madness: Things can become extremely sensitive between two moody Crabs.
• Will it be movie night every night? Two Crabs will find it hard to leave the comfort and safety of their shared shell.
Power struggles: Natural-born leaders, Crabs can be very bossy. If it's not clear who wears the pants in the relationship, there could be lots of tears (and drama).
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