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Do these odd things to turn a Taurus on...
Posted by Devin Bullock on February 5, 2016
Although Taurus is a practical sign, to really keep their lust heightened, you need to think outside the box. Here are a few things that make a Bull hot that they wish you knew about...

1. Get your craft on. We love to make things with our own hands... so that scene in Ghost with the pottery wheel? Oh yessss. Getting handsy while creating some form of art... painting, cooking, gardening... is going to rev our lust.
2. A new twist on lingerie. Give us a subtle, “accidental” peek at your skivvies. Stretch your arms up to reveal a tiny bit of midriff and band of your undies or let a sleeve drop off your shoulder. We will want to see much more!
3. Smell like dessert. Simple, but it works. A rich vanilla perfume or coconut oil reminds us of a favorite pleasure – food – and then leads to another sultry pleasure...
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