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Want to feel better inside and out? Try these herbs, Gemini...
Posted by Tamas Hyde on January 22, 2016
Your mind is so sharp, you’re the envy of the Zodiac for your intellect. But, we all go through weird times of brain fog.

Use these herbal remedies if you aren’t feeling up to task by adding them to your food, infusing your water or tea, dabbing the scent on your pulse points... you decide...

Rosemary: Improves memory.
Licorice: Balances you and gives you energy. Also relieves anxiety.
Ginkgo: Boosts your metabolism, immunity, memory, and awakens your mind.
Lotus: Improves mood and helps you sleep better. More sleep, clearer thinking!
Tarragon: Can lessen aches and pains, helping you focus on more important things.
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