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The top 5 reasons Capricorn is the BEST sign...
Posted by Amalie Stubbs on February 5, 2016
December and January are ruled by Capricorns, and - let's face it - we kinda rule all year round. Here are the top 5 reasons I LOVE being a Capricorn. Share yours in the comments section!

1. When we want something bad enough, we can will it to happen.
2. Our depth of kindness and willingness to help knows no bounds.
3. We don't need to win Employee of the Month, we are Employee of Every Day!
4. We have such grace under pressure, we can fix almost any bad situation.
5. Our sense of humor is so sharp, only the super intelligent get us.

Want to meet other Capricorns and read all about our awesome sign? Join the community here!
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