News and Facts about Capricorn

Work & Money
Are you committing any of these on-the-job mistakes?
Posted by Amalie Stubbs on February 12, 2016
You're a perfectionist when it comes to work, and willing to do whatever it takes to win. But make sure you aren't doing these...

Working for more than six months with no personal time off. Even just a day off to do nothing but watch TV at home can recharge you. Better yet, make sure you take one significant vacation once per year. Don't save all your personal days for later... live more in the moment. Your moment.

Doing all the work by yourself. It's OK to ask for help. In fact, refusing to may look bad, hold up deadlines, reduce your productivity and increase your stress, make you seem unrelenting and disapproving of others' work... the list of no-nos goes on.
Love & Sex
Posted on October 20, 2016
First and most important, don't be late for your date! Capricorns value punctuality and... More »
Posted on October 19, 2016
Capricorns are supposed to like routine and stability, but these stars' love lives seem to suggest... More »
Work & Money
Posted on October 18, 2016
Sure, everyone knows Capricorns work hard. They are willing to put in any time and effort a job... More »
Love & Sex
Posted on October 14, 2016
Love is beyond complicated, especially for such a practical, no-nonsense sign like Capricorn. When... More »
Love & Sex
Posted on October 14, 2016
Get ready to blush, you modest Cap! We are onto you and know you're thinking up some pretty wild... More »
Hot Topics
Posted on October 6, 2016
Have you confronted your demons, Cap? While the unpredictable Pluto was moving backward in our sign... More »
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