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Beauty & Style
The cleanse that Capricorns will get mega benefits from
Posted by Amalie Stubbs on February 19, 2016
Most cleanses are ridiculous fads that a savvy, smart Capricorn would have nothing to do with. Cayenne pepper and lemon juice? BLECH!

But there are a few cleanses you might want to try. None of these body detox plans even require a long-term commitment - something you would be quite capable of, though. Here are some ideas.

Sugar detox: Eliminate all sources of refined sugar from your diet (anything that doesn't have natural sugars in it). Try it for a week or longer if your body seems to like it.

Cut carbs: You'll lose the bloat!

Go off gluten: While this is trendy, it's also very beneficial for most people, even if you aren't sensitive to gluten. The key: stay away from any food that normally contains gluten. Whole foods like lean protein, produce, and dairy are in; gluten free cookies, breads, etc. are out with the rest of the gluten.
Beauty & Style
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