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Beauty & Style
There's one piece missing from your wardrobe - get it now!
Posted by Justin Scalia on January 29, 2016
Actress Kate Winslet, a fellow Libra, is the epitome of your sign's special qualities of genteel grace, balance, and beauty. She can make something as utilitarian as a wristwatch look sexy.

Like hers, your style is elegant and refined. You want to stand out, but you only do it in a very classy way. If you haven't yet invested in a signature piece, why not give it a whirl? It must be elegant, of course, but it needn't be boring.

Perhaps this new piece of jewelry includes a few of your favorite things, like rose gold, coral, or sapphires? And you're so beguiling - don't be surprised if your desired bauble arrives as a beautifully wrapped gift!
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