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Leos aren't silly for considering themselves royalty...
Posted by Liona Shiner on February 5, 2016
When you look at Leo, chances are they hold themselves with a great deal of confidence. Their shoulders are back, and their gaze level with yours.

Leo always prefers to be a straight shooter, and will look you in the eye as they're speaking. You love to treat yourself well, don't you Leo... reveling in your magisterial nature.

You command respect not because you scream about it, but because you radiate a quiet confidence that reminds most people of kings and queens.

Part of you knows that you're always in command of any given situation. Some may not have gotten the memo, but it's true!
Work & Money
Posted on May 24, 2016
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Your Sign Rocks
Posted on May 18, 2016
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Your Sign Rocks
Posted on May 17, 2016
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Your Sign Rocks
Posted on May 16, 2016
Dear mighty Lion,

From the very first moment I spotted you, I knew you were different. I... More »
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