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Love & Sex
The hots and colds of dating another Scorpio...
Posted by Lola Stinger on January 29, 2016
Talk about hot!!! This is definitely a pro. You probably saw - and sensed - each other across a huge room, made eye contact for about ten minutes, had instant chemistry, and very possibly jumped into bed right away.

When you're about to text each other, you realize you're doing it at the same time, finish each other's sentences, and instinctively read each other's minds.

Sadly, right after the "honeymoon phase" is over, things start getting a bit intense and extremely emotional. One (or both, yikes) is being mega jealous, possessive, and soap-opera-dramatic.

Basically, if you were alone in the world, nothing could damper your fiery perfection. Well, Scorpio, enjoy it while it lasts!
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