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This Libra may be the world's hottest grandmother...
Posted by Justin Scalia on January 22, 2016
Think of Susan Sarandon (star of Bull Durham and a gazillion other movies) and the word "grandmother" doesn't come immediately to mind. But that's exactly what she is - not only in real life to Eva Amurri's little girl but also on the big screen!

Libras are romantic, intelligent, and idealistic, and Susan has those in spades. Charming on the outside, she hides a strong inner core. And, like others of this Venus-ruled sign, she's a good listener who can make others smile and feel valued. All extremely useful qualities for a grandmother!

The hardest part of parenting? "Letting them make mistakes." The payoff? "Knowing they're going to be fine!"

Wise words to pass along to the next generation!

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