News and Facts about Cancer

The man behind Tesla is one clever Cancer native!
Posted by Mary Clawford on February 2, 2016
Billionaire Elon Musk likes to tackle tasks that others think impossible. Cut global warming, lower oil use, and get everyone into electric cars? No prob.

His companies Tesla and SolarCity build electric cars and supply solar power to the country. Oh, and his Space X sends resupply vehicles to the Space Station.

"Everyone has to work as hard as possible," says Musk. "Anything less than that seems crazy to me."

This rock star entrepreneur also likes to stir things up. In 2013 he unveiled his Hyperloop idea for commuting the length of California in 30 minutes. And in 2014 he made his Tesla patents available to anyone.

His goal? Simply "to have a big effect on the world." Done.
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