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Aquarians vacations that will blow your mind...
Posted by Wade Waverly on February 5, 2016
Relaxing is serious business for Aquarius. No overcrowded tourist traps - you want your time off to be as memorable as you are. Here are some ideas for reviving your life force!

- Visit the Colorado Shakespeare Festival for a unique mix of the Bard and alpine hiking.
- Sail a catamaran to uninhabited islands in the Myeik Archipelago and go swimming and snorkeling in blissful isolation in the Andaman Sea.
- Meditate at Stonehenge at dawn.
- Hike Peru's Inca Trail.
- Taste the local chocolates at an eco-resort in Belize.
- Soak in warm seawater in Iceland's Blue Lagoon spa.
- Take a bicycle tour of Montana.
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