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Your Sign Rocks
Libra is the most charming of all signs!
Posted by Justin Scalia on April 1, 2016
Is there anyone more charming than you? No! You tend to gravitate toward people who share your logic, independence, and smarts, so you'll never lack for chat. Warm, fair-minded and considerate, you really know how to listen.

You have that uncanny ability to make the person you're talking to feel like the only one in the room. As you calm frazzled nerves and smooth ruffled feathers, you manage to earn the confidence of just about everyone.

You also watch out that you don't go along with people just to fit in! Another thing you do to amp up your allure is handle criticism well. Instead of letting this make you insecure, you figure out why someone would ever say anything bad about you, especially if they say it to you.

You love being the center of attention, Libra, and that sometimes comes with a price. But you, you always make sure to handle this in the most positive of ways.
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