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Your ability to defuse fights is remarkable, Libra!
Posted by Justin Scalia on February 25, 2016
The sign of Libra is one of the foremost diplomats in the Zodiac. Represented by the Scales, these individuals have a deep need for balance, order and equality. These traits along with with their charm and objectivity makes them perfect for settling any fight.

If Libra is your sign, you're not a great fan of conflict, your objective is seeing other's point of view and you can see both sides of any argument, and strive to get the parties together to solve whatever's ailing them. You'd just prefer the entire world to live in peace, if possible.

Sometimes, the fact that peace is tough to come by can weigh on you. You're a sensitive soul, after all. Using your diplomatic skills in family arguments, workplace disputes or fights among friends can help you feel that you're doing your part to keep the peace.
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