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Have a date? Set the mood with these sensual tunes...
Posted by Lola Stinger on February 16, 2016
When you're trying to set the tone and put yourself (and someone else) in the mood for a hot sexy evening, the trick is coming up with the right set of songs without coming on too strong.

If all the other playlists seem a little too much for you, here's one that will not only help you set the right vibe as the night progresses, but will also leave your palate with an exquisite taste in music. It goes like this:

The XX - Crystalized
Thievery Corporation - Take my soul
Miguel Migs - Colorful you
Bonobo - Emkay
Morcheeba - Big Calm
Sugar & Gold - Temptation/Fascination
Little Dragon - Forever
Air - La femme d'argent
Massive Attack - Black Milk
Groove Armada - Goodbye Country
Gerd - Seduce me
FC Kahuna - Hayling
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