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Last update on November 17, 2014
Pisces is a Water Sign, known for its empathy and capacity for emotion. Like fellow Water Signs, Cancer and Scorpio, people born under this sign are generally deeper than most, and need to consider some of life's mysteries in order to be truly happy and fulfilled.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, which governs dreams, psychic ability, metaphysics, and creativity. This gives Pisces its strong sense of intuition, as well as its artistic talents. Since Neptune is associated with Music in particular, these natives may have a musical gift early in life, or decide to put their music toward poetry.

Pisces' symbol is the Fish, which is associated with religious iconography and with the cycle of life, as fish began the process of evolution, leading to vertebrates and eventually humans. Pisces natives understand this cycle of life intuitively, and this gives them great kindness and emotional connection with other beings.

The areas of the body associated with Pisces are the feet and the immune system. The feet should be protected throughout life to make sure no injuries occur. And since the immune system is our protector from all disease, it's especially important for Pisces natives to bolster their immune systems and have them checked on a regular basis.

For people born under Pisces, challenges can arise when they become overly merged with others, which can result in unhealthy attachments or even enabling. Though this sign is known for its wisdom, this can mean that they trust too soon or too often, which can result in numerous disappointments. Finally, Pisces' Neptune ruler can make these people the victim or martyr sometimes, even willingly, as they use it to gain attention. Learning to establish healthy boundaries is key to Pisces' growth in this lifetime, as well as becoming comfortable in the "real" world.
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