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Last update on August 7, 2014
Astrology is an ancient science that uses the movement of the planets and stars to provide insight and understanding into many different arenas of life.

Astrology can give information about an individual's basic nature, and also provide guidance about the best way to navigate upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Astrology takes into account the specific timing of a particular moment. The mathematical calculations that arise out of that moment provide information that can be useful in determining the best course of action for an individual or business to take.

Astrology readings are available to help with every area of life, including love, relationships, work, money, health, and family. Astrology can also be used to choose the best timing for important events such as marriage, launching a new business, or signing a contract. Astrology readings are available in many forms, including written reports, phone readings with a live astrologer, or short online readings.

Written astrology reports are generated with a computer program by an astrologer based on your specific birth data. These reports can give you an overview of your chart as well as focus on a particular area of your life such as love or career.

Readings with a live astrologer usually involve a deeper analysis of your entire birth chart and can also hone in on specific issues or questions that you may have about different areas of your life. This type of reading allows you to question the astrologer and have more control about the direction you want the reading to go in.

Online mini readings are a great way to find out what is currently happening for your astrological sign on any given day, week, or month. These shorter readings can provide you with an overview of information that is quick and easily accessible.

Astrology is a great way to learn more about yourself and the world around you and there are many great reading options to choose from as you explore the fascinating world of the stars and planets.
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