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Last update on August 7, 2014
Libra is an Air Sign, associated with the mind and the intellect. Like fellow Air Signs Aquarius and Gemini, these natives need to be stimulated with interesting reading, compelling discussions and fascinating people to keep from being bored.

Libra is ruled by beauty-loving Venus, so this quality is extremely important to people born under this sign. They like to surround themselves with art, music and gorgeous spaces, so they can achieve their best potential. And because they're so cooperative in nature, they could easily find themselves working with others on a creative project.

The Scales is Libra's symbol and gives a hint as to their fascination with balance and symmetry. They are usually fair-minded people, who detest injustice, no matter where it's found, and work to prevent it. They are not very confrontational and prefer to keep the peace where they can. But just as one object must be used to balance another, Libras are usually found in couples or groups instead of being alone.

Libra is associated with the kidneys, which filter waste out of the body so it can be excreted. Libras are urged to stay hydrated, which puts less pressure on the kidneys and helps to achieve overall health. Checking up on this area periodically is important for Libras to make sure they are aiding their body's functioning in every way.

For Libras, challenges can arise when they're forced to choose a side. Sometimes, they spend so much time seeing everyone's side in an argument that they forget to have an opinion of their own. Because of this, they can seem wishy-washy or indecisive. Sometimes Libras will flip and become overly opinionated, drowning out any other arguments or opinions. The key, of course, is the very balance they were put on the planet to embody.
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