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Love Calculator

Last update on August 7, 2014
A Love Calculator (or meter) uses the birth data of two people to determine their compatibility in love and romance. The calculator figures out what each person's astrological "love" planets are and then looks at how these love planets interact with each other. The most important love planets to consider are Venus and Mars.

Venus tells about the feminine, receptive, and seductive qualities of a person. Venus describes our style of loving and being loved and gives clues about how we behave in a relationship. When two people's Venus' are compatible they usually have lots of loving feelings for each other and find it easy to be in relationship. With 12 different Venus signs to choose from, there are many possible configurations available to consider in love and romance.

The Love Calculator analyzes the relationship between the different Venus possibilities and gives a rating to the varying degrees of compatibility available. A high rating means that the Venus combination is harmonious and easy. A low rating indicates that more work will be necessary to find common ground between the two people involved in regards to their style of loving.

The other important planet showcased in the Love Calculator is the planet Mars. Mars is the planet that tells about what is attractive or sexy to an individual. When there is Mars compatibility in a relationship there is usually good sexual chemistry and lots of physical attraction between the individuals involved.

When the Love Calculator measures the combined compatibility of both Venus and Mars it is possible to get focused insight and understanding about the complete relationship potential of two people. This tool can narrow in on the distinct qualities that make a couple get along and also the behaviors that may create tension or conflict. In this way, the calculator is able to zero in on the most important aspects of love and relationship compatibility, providing valuable insight and guidance.
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