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Weekly Horoscopes

Last update on August 7, 2014
A weekly horoscope gives you insight into your aspirations and challenges on a specific week out of the year. These insights are based on your astrological Sun Sign and relate to possibilities and conflicts that may await you on the week the horoscope is referring to.

A Sun Sign is determined by the position of the sun in relationship to the planets of our solar system during the week of the month a person was born. The Sun Sign plays a large part in forming a person's basic nature, so in general that will be the personality of that individual during that specific week. An intuitive astrologer can give a person insight by understanding how their Sun Sign deal's with events on a given day.

The 12 months that make up the year are the 12 different templates of the standard personality types that the horoscope can be based on. Each week has its own astrological positioning. The possibilities of how an individual's week can play it self out based on that person's Sun Sign in relation to where the planets are that week, is a weekly horoscope.

The weekly horoscope gives a sense of perspective during the upcoming week (usually Monday through Sunday). You can see this type of horoscope as a captured moment surrounded by a slightly out of focus observation of the events that led up to this moment and the future events related to the outcome of events on the week in question. The weekly horoscope allows you to plan your schedule in accordance with the general flow of the planetary energy for a particular period of time.
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