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Psychic Flash or Coincidence?

Last update on October 27, 2014 - Provided by Alexandra Chauran
Determining if it's just a fluke or if you can see into the future.
A forceful feeling in the pit of your stomach. The musing thought of a friend right before the telephone rings. A race of fear, when there would seem to be nothing outwardly present to elicit such a response. A swell of infatuation at the first sight of a future lover. We all have psychic moments that seem to knock us off our feet and provide exciting fodder for storytelling, but how can you tell the difference between the supernatural, and a mundane coincidence?

Coincidences are overrated. As a wise elder who teaches me often says, in her gentle Southern drawl, "there ain't no coinkidinks." She means that the coincidence is a moot point. It is a construct of the left-brained, logical mind to try to explain away something to which attention should be paid. In fact, some forms of divination and omen interpretations rely entirely on the occurrence of "coincidences" to be understood.

A phenomenon commonly called "angel numbers" is when repeated numbers are noticed incidentally by an individual throughout the day. For example, if you woke up on a Saturday at 11:11 a.m., went to the grocery store, and made a purchase that came out to exactly $11.11, and then later on that evening happened to glance at the clock again when it read 11:11 p.m. that number -11 - would be considered an "angel number." Some believe that the coincidence of it is the angels' way of attempting to get your attention.

The interpretation of the number might then be done with traditional Pythagorean numerology by adding together the digits until producing an integer between 1 and 9 and seeking meaning for that day within that number.

Adding to the importance of not discounting coincidences is the fact that the true psychic flash is almost always the very first impression of a person, event, or situation. The mind moves so quickly that the psychic flash is immediately attacked by various thoughts discounting its probability or distracting from its pure message.

The more unusual or unlikely the psychic flash, the more quickly it is dismissed - even if it is astoundingly accurate. Sometimes, the logical mind accepts but augments the psychic flash so that it is no longer precise enough to be right. You can talk yourself out of any psychic flash!

The best way to stop unraveling your psychic thoughts is to immediately journal about them whenever possible without any analysis or judgment. Keep this journal private so that you won't be tempted to edit yourself as you go. Whenever you wake up from a dream, write it down. Keep a small notebook with you if possible so that any sudden moments of revelation, no matter how unlikely, can be recorded. Make sure that the dates are very carefully recorded as well, as you may notice a pattern of when you have a vision and when the vision seems to come to pass!

Give yourself enough time to fill up the entire notebook if you don't immediately notice that you are psychic. After the notebook is full, read through it with an open mind. Sometimes psychic visions can be highly symbolic and rich with information. Perhaps a dream about a broken toy car resulted in seeing a real life accident later on. Notate which information appears to be extraneous and coincidental, but make a point to review it again later on to remove all doubt.

Some of the greatest loves have begun with nothing more than a feeling, and some of the worst tragedies have been avoided through listening to gut fears and intuition. Even if you do acknowledge the existence of coincidences, sometimes there is a reason behind why such coincidences began in the first place, and a purpose behind your understanding of them.
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