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5 Myths About Love

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When it comes to love, astrology can certainly help you understand who you'll be dealing with once the honeymoon is over and all the masks are off. It can also help you choose who to take out for a test run, and - more importantly - who to avoid. Still, many of the things you'll hear about astrology and relationships aren't set in stone. Take, for example, these five famous myths.
Myth #1: Automatic Sun Sign Compatibility
There's a lot more to it than just your Sun Signs. Honest. Every chart is basically a map of the heavens, so everything that's zipping around your Sun will show up somewhere in that chart. All those unique combinations of energies either wreak havoc on your "perfect" match or make it eminently easy for two normally "incompatible" signs to live together happily forever. The astrological cast in charge of your relationship's success doesn't just include the Sun, Moon, and the other eight planets, either. There are several thousand asteroids in their own lane between Mars and Jupiter, a comet named Chiron, and all kinds of other things astrologers argue about just to make things more complicated - and more fun. When in doubt, have a pro do a composite chart.

Myth #2: Perfect on Paper = Perfect in Person
Coming in at a close second is the other side of the astrological coin - that you two look so good on paper you'll do just as well in person. (This one is particularly helpful if you've met someone on the Internet who you're convinced understands you better than anyone else can or ever did) When in doubt, test your connection in person before you make any decisions about how you feel, or any plans for the future.

Myth #3: Timing is Everything
Number three is a real heartbreaker. Despite what those so-called experts say, no one can ever positively predict when you'll meet the love of your life. It just can't be done. Romance may, indeed, be favored for Libras on Thursday, but there are far too many humans toddling around down here on Planet Number Three, and even one can interfere with your coincidental introduction to Mr. or Ms. Right. When in doubt, interview several applicants before inviting anyone for a sleepover - no matter what your horoscope says.

Myth #4: That Magical Moon
Number four? The Full Moon and romance. Just because the Moon is full doesn't mean it's going to be an especially tender evening. Full Moons definitely turn up the volume on our emotions, but that's not always a good thing. Take a survey from ER nurses and police officers if you don't believe this. When in doubt, wait until the Moon is new before making any major decisions.

Myth #5: Always Ask for Advice
Last but not least is the popular misconception that astrologers are all psychic in the department of romance. We're not. Some of us have never even had an accurate inkling about our own relationships. When in doubt - and as a final decision-making rule - trust your own instinct.
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