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How to bring out deep passion and sensual pleasure in every Sun Sign...
Each of the signs rules a body part, starting at the top with Aries and finishing with Pisces, who rules the feet. So, it makes sense that they'd be particularly sensitive in these areas. Each sign is also responsive to particular types of behavior, so if you want to stimulate their best senses then take a peek at the list below - and feel free to be creative.

This feisty sign is tough to settle down, but since Aries rules the head and the face, touching them in these areas is a good way to get their attention, whether you're saying goodnight for the first time or you want to reignite their desire for you. Oh, and don't be shy. They love boldness.

Taurus rules the throat and the nape of the neck, but this is the sign that has an absolute mastery of sensuality, so touching in general is just fine, too. If you're really interested, ask your Taurus friend to reach out and show you what they know.

Seducing a Gemini isn't a simple process, but they're such creative lovers, it's worth the effort. Once you've fascinated their quicksilver brain, you'll need to get them to quiet down. Once they're paying attention to you, you should pay attention to their hands.

This tender-hearted sign will be touched by soft, gentle touches - no pun intended - anywhere. But since Cancer rules the breasts and the abdomen, keep in mind that they're probably ticklish. Do with that info what you will...

Leo rules the heart, so your mission is to raise their heart rate when you're around. You'll know you've gotten to them if you notice they're breathing heavy and locking their gaze on you.

There's a very sensitive area on the Virgo body, on their side just above the hips. Rub your fingers smoothly across this area of their sensitive bodies and the rest will be history...

Librans like nothing better than to be romanced, sweet-talked, and made to feel like they're the only ones on Earth. They love to make love, too, and they'll be more than happy to accommodate, especially if you touch their hips and hold them against you.

How do you seduce a Scorpio? You don't, usually. They seduce you from the first moment you lay eyes on them. If you want to keep them, however, you need to be an extremely sexual creature. Better double up on your vitamins...

Sag rules the thighs - which, of course, lead to many wild imaginings in the field of romance. If you're out to keep them satisfied, don't skip any workouts. They love to laugh - sometimes at what might seem to be inappropriate times. They're definitely not boring!

Capricorn rules the knees, and that spot just behind them that's been written about in every woman's magazine for years. Caress that spot and they'll loosen up nicely. This sign specializes in endurance.

What could possibly be sexy about ankles? That's for them to know and you to find out - and rest assured that they're not shy, so you'll most certainly find out. Oh, and they like to be different, so this affair definitely won't be lackluster.

Pisces rules the feet, so giving them a nice, sensual foot rub - while their favorite music is playing, of course - is the best way to get up close and personal with your Pisces. And don't forget the candles.
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