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Sofia Vergara

Born: 7/10/1972 - Barranquilla, Colombia
The Sofia we see on screen isn't exactly what we expect from a soft-spoken, introverted Cancer, but when we look at the rest of her chart, we see that several other aspects - including her Leo Rising - help explain where her ooze of charm and sex appeal come from! Sofia was born in Columbia and still talks with a heavy accent, but even when she's playing the role of sassy Gloria on the hit TV series Modern Family, it isn't hard for her to get her point across!
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This spicy Cancer star works all her assets to the max...
Posted by Mary Clawford on October 12, 2015
Colombian-born bombshell and Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is TV's highest-paid actress, but she's as down to earth as they come. While you won't catch her in baggy jeans and work shirts (she calls her studded platform Gucci sandals her "tennis shoes"), she designed a clothing line for Kmart to appeal to women everywhere.

"Nobody's a Miss Universe," she says, so the catchphrase for her line is "Work with what you've got."

This gorgeous star admits that in her culture women dress for men, but "these days, being sexy is all about being healthy and fit." For inspiration, this Crab follows women on Instagram who work out, have muscles, and eat healthful foods. Now, that's hot!

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