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Justin Bieber

Born: 3/1/1994 - Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Justin's story is quite a roller coaster ride! In 2008, when he was 14, he put up a video of him singing on the popular Internet site YouTube, was quickly discovered by an agent, signed with the label RBGM and the first single from his first album went platinum! What a whirlwind of excitement that must have been for a typically quiet, sensitive Pisces. His Moon is in Scorpio, however, so he does take a very intense outlook on things, and with Gemini Rising in his chart, his approach to life is dynamic and unpredictable.
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Pisces stars like the Biebs are anything but dull...
Posted by Dalia Fisher on October 28, 2016
The term dreamboat may have been thought up for a Pisces. They are exceptionally good-looking and sexually attractive.

Pisceans love to know they are desired by others, makes them feel somewhat incredible, and project some of their most intense fantasies onto this feeling!

Justin Bieber is so Pisces, it's not funny. With millions of young women around the globe cheering his every move, he exemplifies Pisces' need to continually express itself artistically.

Fellow recording artist Rihanna also knows that music is a Pisces' best friend. From her dreamy Caribbean accent to her ever-changing style, she shows that it's about the image you project.

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