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Channing Tatum

Born: 4/26/1980 - Cullman, Alabama, USA
Channing is a super-versatile actor with a varied birth chart, which explains why he's been so successful at both modeling and acting. As a dependable and persistent Taurus, he worked his way into the fashion world at a young age. He can thank his Moon in Libra for the charm and social skills that no doubt helped him break into the Hollywood acting scene. With movies like Step Up and Magic Mike under his belt, not to mention earning the Sexiest Man Alive title, there's no telling what's next!
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Bulls like Channing use the power of attraction for fame
Posted by Devin Bullock on February 19, 2016
Since Taurus often has the stamina of several signs, they generally make it to the top. If you're like Taurus native Channing Tatum, you may have had your heart set on acting, but found that people didn't see you that way.

Undeterred. Tatum danced in a strip bar under a stage name, and then modeled and danced in several music videos.

As he faked it, he began to make it. Soon, talent scouts saw him as a forceful presence, and he was cast in a few films, where he made a name for himself, and became a sexy heartthrob and leading man.
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