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Star-Power Your Accessories

Star-Power Your Accessories

Posted in HOROSCOPE ARTICLES on December 29, 2011
Provided by Horoscope.com
Take your style to the next level with celebrity-smart wardrobe accents for your Zodiac Sign.

Ready to reveal your inner dazzling diva? Take a hint from a chic celebrity who shares your sign and discover her favorite style accessories, from jewelry to scarves to must-have bags.

Aries: Claire Danes seems to look more gorgeous every year. Focused on her career, Claire makes time to look special with little extras. Get Claire's beautify-with-a-belt trick. Enhance an hourglass figure. Try a dark hued blazer with a colorful belt, and make sure the blazer flares below it. You're instantly slimmer!

Taurus: Driven to achieve and resolute with her goals, Carmen Electra shows off her Taurus style spirit with exquisite taste in jewelry. Bracelets are in her top favorites, showing off her slender wrists and beautiful hands. Treat yourself to a bracelet with small gems, woven together with a chain, or a charm bracelet that you can add to over the years to remember your favorite occasions.

Gemini: Bare it with Brooke Shields: a low-cut neckline with a simple pearl choker or a slender gold chain will make you shine this season. The key is in simplicity; choose one simple pendant or string of beads, not multiple strands.

Cancer: Liv Tyler's maternal instincts combined with her elegance combine to put one fashion accessory on her "can't do without" list: handbags! One of her favorite styles is a tote bag, perfect for carrying her essentials. Try a drawstring bag in your favorite color that you can use for work and play.

Leo: Star of the party, Sandra Bullock is a lovely Leo. Get her style with a gorgeous scarf that makes everyone say, "Where did you get that?" Of course, as a Leo, you'll delight in telling them! Colors to try: red, purple, and - bold you! - burnt orange.

Virgo: Cameron Diaz is your celebrity to emulate. Like her, you're stable and meticulous in your choices - and you reap the benefits. One signature piece will make you stand out is an eye-catching brooch. Look for colors that will go with anything.

Libra: Kate Winslet symbolizes all that's so special about Libra - balanced, classic, natural beauty. Now is the time to invest in a signature watch. Purchase an elegant timepiece with a beautiful band - perhaps inset with gems?

Scorpio: You've got a great sense of humor, which you share with fellow Scorpio Kathy Griffin. What becomes a Scorpio most? An unusual pin that serves as a conversation piece - a colorful parrot, for example, with a turquoise eye, or a wide-eyed kitten with fake fur on its tail.

Sagittarius: Look to Daryl Hannah - and stop wearing that worn-out favorite accessory! Clinging to something that's outdated or doesn't become you is a habit to break. Incorporate your pragmatic nature into your accessories with a warm, soft hat or gloves that will keep you warm and happy all winter long. Seek something in soft charcoal gray.

Capricorn: Take a cue from Sissy Spacek, the gifted star who has charmed us for years. Homespun heartland accessories are perfect for Capricorns, whose serious side occasionally needs to be lightened. Practical is perfect: a soft rose-hued scarf can serve many purposes, from brightening your face to keeping you warm.

Aquarius: Shakira is known for her shake-it-don't-fake-it style! And then there are those luxurious locks. Draw attention to your gorgeous hair with wraps, clips, barrettes, and more. You'll look best with wider types, such as a golden brown headband or leather wrap.

Pisces: Share the style of Pisces darling Jennifer Love Hewitt with exquisite earrings - the longer, the better! Get your glow on with diamonds or other eye-catching gems. You may also go for a water-inspired accent like turquoise studs.


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