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Pickup Lines That Work

Pickup Lines That Work

Posted in HOROSCOPE ARTICLES on January 18, 2011
Provided by Horoscope.com
Before you ask, "What's your sign?" learn a pickup line that might actually work. Here's a guide to hitting on each Sun Sign. You might just score!

Aries: If you want an Aries of your very own, don't be shy. They hate that. Walk right up, introduce yourself, and ask what time you should pick them up. A straightforward manner will automatically make you someone they'd like to get to know better.

Taurus: Take your time with Bulls. They like to be wooed, preferably with rich, sweet, pretty things - oh, and music. You might try dinner and a concert if you're really out to impress them, but be warned: once you spoil them, there's no going back.

Gemini: Why do you tie your sneakers like that? What's the name of that actress on that television show? What's the formula for the speed of light? Be prepared to come up with all kinds of answers, because your Gemini will have plenty of questions as soon as you engage them. Match their wits and you might be their ideal match.

Cancer: If your home isn't a comfy, cozy place, don't invite them over. They can't stand to be uncomfortable, which includes a home with straight-backed chairs, a futon where the bed should be, and a low percentage of food to airspace in the fridge. Keep them fed and physically comfortable and ply them with affection.

Leo: Prepare to applaud, and don't stand in their spotlight - which is anywhere people are gathered in groups of two or more. Pass out compliments like candy. These entertaining folks just love to be flattered and appreciated, but rest assured - they'll give you plenty of reasons to do both.

Virgo: Check your appearance carefully before you make the approach. They don't like lint, critter fur, or wrinkles. It's not shallow, either. Your outside says a lot about your inside, and Virgos just can't tolerate disorder. Keep your life simple and don't overspend on unnecessary things, and you'll have them forever.

Libra: If you've actually found a single Libra, you'd better move fast. They don't like to be alone, not even while they're sleeping, and they're too charming for that to ever be a problem. Spend lots of time with them and let them know your intentions right up front.

Scorpio: The most important thing to remember while pursuing a Scorpio - and they will most definitely expect to be pursued - is to keep it subtle. Forget games. They're the detectives of the Zodiac, and they won't need a single bread crumb to solve the mystery of you. Oh, and wear black.

Sagittarius: Heard any good jokes lately? If you're sure you can pull off the punch line well, that's one of the surest ways to get the attention of laughter-loving Sagittarians. Well, that and a picture of your pet, or an offer to enjoy the beauty of nature together.

Capricorn: The best way to impress the Sea Goat is to be honest. They hate liars. Be prepared to be productive at all times, even on a date. Capricorns don't tolerate slackers, not for a second. Don't be surprised if they want to split the tab, too. They don't like to feel obligated.

Aquarius: If you have an unusual job, an odd sense of humor, or - better still - truly unique personal style, you're in. These folks are into individuality with a capital I. Don't try to snow them or tell them you're anything other than what you truly are. They can spot a fib a mile away.

Pisces: Music, music, and music. They just love it. It's one of the easiest ways to dissolve reality for these Fish. Take them out to the venue of their choice and ply them with intoxicating escapes, which should include your easygoing, unconditionally accepting company.


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