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How Eclipses affect you

How Eclipses affect you

Posted in HOROSCOPE ARTICLES on June 22, 2010
Provided by Sam Geppi
Do you ever wonder if rare planetary events have an impact on you? We are approaching this summer's series of Eclipses. Eclipses happen on average four times per year - two solar and two lunar. Eclipses occur when on the New Moon and Full Moon, the orbits of the Sun, Moon, and Earth, line up in three-dimensional space. So, what does this mean for you?

What are Eclipses?

When we have a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth's shadow blocks the sunlight from hitting the Moon. On a Lunar Eclipse, half of the world can see it as the shadow of the Earth stretches far into space.

When we have a Solar Eclipse, the Moon blocks the sunlight from hitting the Earth, but this happens in a very narrow and concentrated point. Few ever see a Solar Eclipse in their lifetime, unless they intentionally go to where it is happening. The phenomenon of an Eclipse illustrates the amazing architecture of our solar system, especially the Solar Eclipse.

Astrologically speaking, Eclipses show unusual and supernatural power. Indian mythology speaks of a demon that swallows the Sun and Moon during the Eclipses. Those demons, and the Lunar Nodes, the intersection of the sensitive points, are portals into other dimensions and show where our karma accelerates quickly.

Summer 2010 Eclipses

The Lunar Eclipse of June 26 will happen with the Moon in Sagittarius joins the North node. A Lunar Eclipse refers to important psychological and emotional breakthroughs that are possible for the next six months. Sagittarius refers to a sense of meaning and purpose that we are aspiring toward. Given the nature of Jupiter in Pisces, this Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius shows the next six months to be a time of great mystical hope and possibility. However, we must be aware of the potential for fanaticism and a lack of critical thinking.

The upcoming Solar Eclipse of July 11 will take place with the Sun at 25 degrees in Gemini. A Solar Eclipse refers mainly to important actions and events that shape our destiny here on Earth. This Solar Eclipse in Gemini relates to communication, flexibility, and change. There will be great opportunities for us to improve our communication systems for the next six months, and there may be some big changes in store for our governmental bodies and how they communicate with us. However, there may also be unusual circumstances involving satellites, communication systems, and perhaps even terrorism or warfare that involves sensitive information, spying, or other breaches of security.

The Facts

Ponder this: what is the possibility that two arbitrary celestial bodies would look exactly the same size - to appear to fit one inside the other - based on our vantage point here on Earth? What are the odds that a huge fireball, (the Sun) would look exactly the same size to us as the Moon?

The reason for this refers to the very essence of life itself and the sacred vibration of the number 108. Indian mysticism revolves around the number 108. The origin of this sacred number comes from the relationship of the Sun, Moon and Earth. The Sun and the Moon look exactly the same size to us because of the symmetry of scale and distance.

Essentially, you can fit 108 moons between Earth and the Moon and 108 suns between the Earth and the Sun. The measurement between scale and distance is identical. This is the sacred vibration that creates life. If it were not for the Sun and the Moon there would be no life on Earth. In more enlightened times humanity was more connected to this reality.

Using Eclipse Energy

On June 26 from 8:57 a.m. UTC until 2 p.m. UTC, pay close attention to your feelings and a sense of hope and optimism that floods your heart. On June 11 between 6:15 p.m. and 8:49 p.m. UTC pay attention to your ideas and inspirations.

Pay attention to how you feel at the exact moment the Eclipses are happening. Whether you can see them or not, the Earth is being affected and is in a powerful vortex at that time. These are great moments for meditation and reflection upon the nature of the Sun and the nature of the Moon.


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