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2013: Year of the Water Snake

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Ride the calmer waters of 2013 with ease!
Expect an exciting year, not necessarily for the faint of heart! The Year of the Water Snake begins February 10, 2013 and ends January 30, 2014. Be bolder and more open-minded as this year unfolds!
Do your best to get organized as the year begins. Setbacks, delays, and a need for some do-overs can challenge everyone's patience and resolve. In a Snake year, jealousy and keeping secrets works against everyone's best interests. A big lesson for all is to have the courage to face difficult emotional truths and still be true to what your heart tells you.
2013 Premium Chinese Horoscope
The April 25 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse is a crossroads time, especially for strong-willed Dragons and their best friends, crafty Rat and inventive Monkey. As the doers of the Chinese Zodiac, this is your opportunity to set specific and ambitious goals.

May is the most powerful month for Snake natives in a year that magnifies all their qualities, good and bad. Snake energy makes everyone feel at bit more suspicious. The May 9 New Moon/Solar Eclipse is a powerful time for a fresh start, especially for the most determined signs: ambitious Snake, practical Ox, and confident Rooster. Don't be afraid to say what you think!

In a year where standard ways of doing things may no longer serve the common good, it's vital for everyone to keep a cool head. Frustration can lead to actions you will later regret. It's especially important to avoid making impulsive romantic commitments to someone you don't know well. Keep your sense of humor and refuse to surrender your dreams.

Everyone will experience an easier flow of energy beginning mid-July. It's a great time to bring people together for fun. Old hurts can be surrendered. Expect better days financially and a sense of hopefulness to gradually return.

The October 18 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse brings good luck to the humanitarian signs of loyal Dog, exuberant Tiger, and adventurous Horse. This is the time to make social contacts to hopefully then open doors of opportunity. Share the things that make you happiest.

As the year winds down, more and more people will think about how make life simpler and more functional. A powerful November 3 New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse can sweep out the old and bring in the new. It will especially impact the most sensitive, sensual, peace loving signs: good-hearted Pig, artistic Goat, and diplomatic Rabbit.

For all signs, it's important to remember and work with changing times - they require flexibility and can lead to increased hope for a better future. To be well-prepared, read your sign's complete 2013 Chinese Horoscope!
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